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‘Diversity a cover for racial quotas’

Diversity, equity and inclusion have become one of the top virtue-signaling banners among the leftist establishments and The Durango Herald has run several articles mentioning that DEI has found its way into Durango city government and into the 9-R school board.

DEI proponents in both the school board and in city governance have touted their faithfulness to DEI, much in the same way that a religious fundamentalist would defend the inclusion of his/her favored religion into the policies of either organization. The problem is that diversity, a topic now being scrutinized by the Supreme Court, is a cover for racial quotas and equity is generally an indication that someone will receive equal outcomes, even if he or she doesn’t work as hard. The Constitution calls for “equality,” not “diversity” or “equity.”

The City of Durango is not a private business that can arbitrarily set policies and neither is the 9-R school board, which spends the taxpayers’ money. Both are answerable to the U.S. Constitution. Rather than casually mention that the city and the 9-R school board have implemented policies that might be against the law, perhaps the Herald should do a series of articles, explaining to the citizens why elected officials are possibly taking the law into their own hands.

If the Herald can’t inform the citizenry of what is going on behind the scenes in Durango, it isn’t doing its job.

Mike Sigman