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Done deal: Criminals walk right into police hands

Richard Sivilli from Tucson shops at Dunn Deal Resale Store, which was open Saturday after two men robbed the story Friday night. The two suspects were arrested, booked into jail and later released. They face second-degree burglary charges.

They may have gotten away with it, if not for a keen citizen.

Two men wearing black clothing and gloves were entering Dunn Deal Thrift Store, 3101 Main Ave., on Friday night, when a good Samaritan noticed and called police.

Durango Police Department Cpl. Nick Stasi said Taylor Chriswell, 24, and Christopher Casey, 29, both of Durango, used a key to enter the business and collect between $700 and $2,000 worth of merchandise before leaving store and walking directly into the waiting arms of the law.

“They were inside the building when officers showed up and then were leaving when officers were standing outside, so we caught them coming out with the merchandise,” Stasi said.

He said it’s believed that one of the men was a former employee and had a copy of a key to the business.

Stasi said a “very astute citizen” across the street in the parking lot of north City Market saw the men enter Dunn Deal.

“He called us and said, ‘Something doesn’t look right,’” Stasi said. “It was good. We appreciate when people help out.”

Chriswell and Casey were arrested and are charged with second-degree burglary. They were booked into to the La Plata County Jail on Friday night and then were released on bond Saturday morning.


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