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‘Don't force’ with cage-free law

In the Dec. 21editorial “Cage-free chickens law egg-xactly right,” The Durango Herald and The Journal got two things wrong. For one, cage-free chicken eggs do not taste better. Fresher eggs taste better but not cage-free eggs. Second, the editorial said “consumers have been driving this action toward cage-free eggs.” That's not true either.

Most eggs sold are not cage free. If cage-free eggs were getting to be the only eggs available at stores, so be it. That's the free enterprise system. Instead it's the lawmakers – not consumers – that are forcing this upon us. Look up the passage of this bill and you'll see it's the Democrats that pushed this through.

It's the same story with the reusable grocery bag law, except there it was Democrat voters (not lawmakers) that made that one law.

In both cases, a minority of the public followed these practices before they became law. When Democrats find a better way to live, they push it onto the citizens. I wonder if the Herald and the Journal editorial board was buying only range-free eggs before members decided it was a good idea to push this law to the citizens.

I have voted Democrat most of my life, but this is one thing I don't like about Democrats. If you want me to change my lifestyle, convince me to change. But don't force me with new laws.

Dave Norman