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Drivers must respect pedestrians at crosswalks

I also use the crosswalk that Joe Lewandowski wrote about in his recent letter to the editor (Herald, Dec. 11). I stand, waiting, while watching drivers proceed on their way, talking on their phones, texting or staring at screens. I witness vehicles with drivers not intent to stop for pedestrians because it will slow their acceleration after being forced to reduce speed at the roundabout.

I make eye contact with drivers only to see them stare back at me and raise their middle fingers. It seems they are intent to make an aggressive point, but the only point being made is that they don’t know the law or simply choose to ignore it.

Pedestrians have the right of way at crosswalks. All vehicle operators must stop when folks stand at these crossings. It appears that many drivers don’t really know why a walker, intent to cross the street, waits. That person does not wait for the vehicles to pass before crossing, that person waits for the vehicles to stop before crossing.

Don Gawlik