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Durango crime stats for February remain largely consistent

Vehicle crashes doubled from a year ago as a result of increased snowfall

Crime statistics released monthly by the Durango Police Department show this February was comparable with February 2022, as well as pre-COVID-19 numbers in February 2019.

Police received a total of 3,401 calls last month. Of those, 1,418 were calls for service.

There were five aggravated assaults, all of which resulted in arrests, DPD crime analyst Tessa Reinhart said in an email.

“Two were menacing incidents in which a threat was made with a weapon, but did not result in injury,” she said. “Police officers were the victims in two other aggravated assaults.”

There was also one reported rape.

One vehicle was stolen and the offender was arrested. There were 35 thefts of property reported and two burglaries.

Police arrested 163 people, including 20 DUI arrests. There were 186 traffic citations issued and 49 traffic crashes.

“Crashes basically doubled from last year due to dangerous road conditions from increased snowfall,” Reinhart said.

The Co-Response (CORE) mental health team responded to 57 calls.

The two outlying years for Part I offenses in February, which are more serious felony crimes, occurred during the height of the pandemic, with 59 reported in 2020 and 78 in 2021.


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