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‘Durango here because of train’

Durango is here because of the train. I’ve lived here more than 50 years and am proud to live with this beautiful, historic and world-famous train. For a few years, I lived right above the tracks and accepted having to stop any phone conversation until the train had passed as part of the local character. The length and frequency of the train whistle are regulated for the safety of the public.

The radio station used to have live interviews every morning with the passengers. It’s impressive how far people had come with many from overseas. Perhaps locals would like to visit the depot early in the morning and listen to how excited the riders are – many who are looking forward to it because their parents or grandparents rode and told them about it.

As soon as I hear that beautiful train, I stop what I’m doing and look toward the tracks, hoping to see it. I always offer up a little prayer that our guests have a wonderful and safe visit here. And if you haven’t noticed, the Durango and Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad contributes to and sponsors many, many community activities, for which we should all be grateful. We are blessed to live here.

Kathy Albert