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Durango Natural Foods board loves co-op

We, the board of directors for Durango Natural Foods Co-op, are volunteers who collectively have 17 total years of experience on the board. We are governed by policy governance, and our job is to oversee the management and sustainability of the co-op. Our function is to provide opportunity for the stability and solvency of the co-op. There has been much misinformation regarding the current issues presented in the Herald and other forms of media. Our hard work, track record and integrity in conducting our mission as a board must stand on its own. We invite co-op members and community members to support the co-op: Shop at the store, come to a meeting, become a member, get on a committee or join the board. Get involved! We, as a board of seven members, have offered our time and service because we love the co-op!

Geoff Wolf, Durango Natural Foods Co-op board of directors


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