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Editorial about newspapers misguided

I could not believe the whiny editorial in the Nov. 5 edition of the Herald. The writer was bemoaning the fact that provisions for tax credits for subscribers, advertisers and newspaper payrolls were stripped from the Build Back Better tax-and-spend bill. Over the past weekend, a number of small town newspapers wrote editorials urging readers to call Chuck Schumer and ask him to put that portion of the bill back in the for the Senate vote.

Quite frankly, I was surprised that it got cut from the House bill, as it looked like payback for the 90% plus editorial support across the nation for President Joe Biden and the progressives during the last election.

The Democrats did come through for wealthy donors by increasing the deduction for state and local taxes on their federal tax returns from President Donald Trump’s $10,000 cap to Biden’s $80,000. How hypocritical is that when you hear liberals crying that Trump gave handouts to the top 1%?

Finally, my propane price per gallon went from $1.65 last October to $2.50 this month. Throw in a dollar-plus price for a gallon of gas as compared to last year and you have inflation that is hurting everyone. I’m sure that even though we were a net energy exporter last year, that Biden’s action on Jan. 20 of closing pipelines had nothing to do with the fact that we’re back buying oil from the Middle East.

Dennis Pierce