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Everybody knows that Trump really was re-elected, don’t they?

Would the vast majority of Republicans say that Trump won the election if it wasn’t true? They and the patriots who invaded the Capitol on Jan. 6 obviously have the election facts on their side.

Everybody knows that, everybody knows it was only 60 court cases that rejected demands to reverse the results of state election counts. And the Supreme Court should be investigated for not considering Trump’s well-documented fraud claims.

Everybody knows that each of the Republican majorities in key states clearly counted a landslide victory for Trump (sent by God to be our president according to the Pillow Man). And everybody knows that somehow the Democrats managed to rejigger the voting machines in Guatemala to radically change the count to favor Biden. And finally, everybody knows that George Soros paid a huge sum to then-Attorney General William Barr to say that there was no fraud involved in the election.

Given these clear, provable and obvious facts, how is it possible that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are now sitting in the White House as president and vice president? Doesn’t the invasion of Congress by gun-wielding patriots mean anything anymore in America?

Leo Cohen