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Expand ‘wakeless’ hours at Lake Nighthorse

Thank you, Jim Cross, for your editorial about Lake Nighthorse (Herald, Nov. 19). You were very kind in your wording. However, let’s get honest about some of those boaters.

Yes, many do follow the rules, and it is much appreciated by this low-impact user. But there were more than just a few who refused to follow the rules of the lake. The 10 a.m. start time must be in a different time zone, and “no wake” means “not fast enough to pull a skier.” (Having “no wake” zones is a lot like having a “no smoking” section on an airplane.)

Multiple times this past summer I witnessed low-impact users asking boaters to please slow down and follow the rules. It shouldn’t be the users who have to police the lake. Having rules that cannot be enforced, for whatever reason, is a lot like having no rules at all.

The initial push for a wakeless lake was, as Jim noted, a request by a majority of people who expressed an opinion. Cutting back those hours by such a large amount is detrimental to the beauty of the lake, as well as the impact on the environment and wildlife there.

Please, Parks and Recreation, expand significantly the wakeless hours there, and let more people enjoy the beauty and accessibility of this gem we’re so lucky to have in our community.

Jane Dunn