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Fair trial for Trump ‘appropriate’

With all the handwringing over the so-called uniqueness of the present attempted coup at the Capitol, I feel compelled to offer a simplified view of a similar situation to the takeover of a parliamentary democracy by a vexatious autocrat.

Nearly 400 years ago, Charles I, King of England, marched with his soldiers into the mother of parliaments at Westminster, London, and closed the place down for several years. This caused a civil war in which Oliver Cromwell postponed immigrating to America to lead a parliamentary army to victory, reinstate government and create a republic. They then arrested the king, gave him a proper trial and executed him.

I am not suggesting that Donald Trump be executed, but I think a fair trial would be appropriate. I understand that some of my fellow citizens are sometimes loathe to imagine that English history might matter, but all our institutions came from somewhere. Imagine what life would be like without jury trial or habeas corpus or even a bicameral parliamentary debate.

I, respectfully, offer these thoughts for readers’ consideration. I would like to add that I am a naturalized American citizen whose oath to this country contains five promises, three more than any member of Congress. I encourage every red-blooded American citizen to look up the Oath of Allegiance. You will be surprised at the obligations presented to us foreigners.

Christopher F. George