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Farmers Market: Blue Heron Farm sells seeds, teas and salves from Sunnyside Mesa

From left, Sole, Mya and Scott Olson sell vegetables and herbs – and seeds, teas and salves – at the Durango Farmers Market. (Nick Gonzales/Durango Herald)
Olson family takes holistic approach to farming vegetables and herbs

Blue Heron Farm, located on Sunnyside Mesa south of Durango, operates on a simple principle.

“Be good to the earth, and it will be good to you,” says farmer Mya Olson.

The farm grows vegetables and herbs, which it sells not only as produce, but also in the form of seeds, teas and salves.

Olson describes the range of products the organic farm sells at the Durango Farmers Market as “anything green, anything alive, plant life.”

Blue Heron farm operates holistically, with the Olson family paying close attention to where the farm’s water comes from, what soil it has and what it is growing.

“Everything we grow, we also eat,” she said. “We have an expression of ‘feed your soil well and you’ll be fed well.’”

Outside the farmers market, the Olsons also have an offshoot business selling outdoor gear.


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