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Farmers Market: Mill Iron Lazy K raises all-natural, grass-fed beef

John Buck of Mill Iron Lazy K Ranch sells grass-fed, grass-finished beef and duck and chicken eggs at Durango Farmers Market. (Nick Gonzales/Durango Herald)
Dolores ranch also sells pasture-raised duck and chicken eggs

Mill Iron Lazy K Ranch specializes in two things: show cattle and grass-fed, grass-finished beef.

The cattle at the Dolores ranch are raised all-natural, with neither antibiotics nor growth hormones, said rancher John Buck.

“All of it is raised right on our ranch at home,” he said.

All of Mill Iron Lazy K’s cattle are members of the Maine-Anjou breed, he said.

Maine-Anjous originated in France in the mid 19th century, after ranchers bred large, muscular, easily-fattening Marcelle cattle with English Durham cattle, according to the Oklahoma State University Department of Animal Science.

Buck said his ranch raises only Maine-Anjou cattle because they marble a bit, even when they are raised on grass.

“If you were to feed it a high-protein diet of grain, it would marble a lot more, of course,” he said, “but then again all you’re eating is chemicals.”

The Anjou’s natural marbling gives it juice and flavor.

“It’s got excellent quality beef flavor,” Buck said.

If beef is not your got-to source of protein, Mill Iron Lazy K still has you covered. The ranch also sells duck and chicken eggs.

“They’re pasture-raised right on our ranch,” he said.