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Firefighters association endorses Cook, Walters

The Firefighters Association of Bayfield would like to announce their support for two candidates in the upcoming Upper Pine River Fire Protection District's Board of Directors Election. All candidates were given a chance to present themselves to our advocacy group and answer some important questions. The advocacy group then took their findings to the membership to be discussed and debated.

Based on these interviews and discussions, it was found overwhelmingly that candidates Wayne Walters and Casey Cook had the best fit and organizational understanding to attain the goals that we as an association have deemed necessary to move our fire district forward with improvement in financial management and operational goals.

With their professionalism in their work outside of the department and within the department as volunteer firefighter/EMTs it is held that they will serve the district and the community with great competence and strong oversight.

Daniel R. Miller

President, Firefighters Association of Bayfield