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First ‘memo’ has been sent for land-use code rewrite

Policy questions to provide feedback, direction for future update
Durango Herald file<br><br>La Plata County officials have sent out the first of several memos intended to draft a land-use code that better reflects the desires of residents.

La Plata County has sent out the first of several “memos” intended to guide the rewrite of the county’s land-use code after a failed first draft released this past winter was met with intense public backlash.

In April, the county announced it would send the memos that are related to major issues in the land-use code, which will include an overview of the topic and a comparison with how similar counties deal with those issues.

The memos also include previous public input on the matters and staff recommendations. Most importantly, perhaps, is that residents will have a new two-week period to comment on each issue.

La Plata County Manager Joanne Spina said to think of the memos as building blocks for the draft codes.

“We’re very hopeful this is going to provide a more manageable way for the public to weigh in on policy ... even before they see the new draft code,” she said in a previous interview.

The first memo deals with “outdoor storage and special events.”

The deadline to comment is May 31.

Then, county commissioners will meet at 1:30 p.m. June 12 to discuss the issues and provide planning staff clear direction on how to write regulations regarding outdoor storage and special events in the code.

All documents related to the memo can be found at https://bit.ly/2fUvsLV.

Residents can sign up for the county’s newsletter that sends out the memo at https://bit.ly/2Gylw9g.


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