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Food as love

Lately, it seems that a lot of people have been talking about finding the perfect diet for themselves. There are thousands of podcasts, websites and articles touting miracle cures and life transformations. However, one expert will say that a plant-based diet is the answer while the next claims that eating pure carnivore is the only way to go. This conflictual data leaves us as information consumers confused, overwhelmed and feeling stuck.

While I don’t doubt anyone’s success stories, there’s a lot more that goes into healing than simply changing your diet. When someone undertakes a big lifestyle shift, a number of things happen simultaneously. First, there is a significant motivator – typically, that is some disturbing health information often showing up as lab results or a diagnosis. Next, there is an inner commitment to taking care of yourself better and paying more attention to your body. (Hint: this is the most important part.) When you implement one lifestyle change, it is common for other changes to flow with ease. For example, if you shift your diet it’s likely that you’ll have more energy, start exercising more and sleep better. This self-fulfilling momentum is really impactful on every level of your being – body, mind, heart and soul. Finally, when you get positive feedback from ourselves and our community, you’re often inspired to take another step that leads to feeling even better and a devotion to self-care.

But what if the types of actual food you’re consuming is less important than the love and care you are feeling for yourself?

As humans, we are all highly distinct. We have unique genetics, family history, childhood experiences, blood types, and more. There is simply no way to capture all of those variables with one approach to nutrition.

However, we can all use the moments of each day where we are eating as an opportunity to connect back to the only real frequency there is – love.

Take a moment to think about all the people that have touched each food item on your plate. People have gathered the seeds, cultivated the plants or animals, harvested or butchered the food, packaged it, transported it, placed it on the shelf, checked you out at the store and bagged it up – all in service to your highest potential. Take a moment to appreciate each set of hands from around the world that put their energy into making this meal available.

When you sit at your table or open your fridge, it’s likely that there’s stories galore running through your mind about what would be “good” to eat, what’s “healthy” or not and what you should (or shouldn’t) be eating. In order to free yourself from the heaviness of that mental static, take a moment to connect to the pure essence of each food item in front of you. The core vibration of each and every option (even the Cheetos!) is love. This can instantly transport us from the tension of the mind into the welcoming ease of the heart. This allows us to connect with ourselves and choose what to eat from an aligned place, rather than a fear about eating the “wrong” thing.

Let your next meal (and every morsel) be your moment to remember that we’re all connected – and that only love is real.

Nicola Dehlinger is a naturopathic doctor at Pura Vida Natural Healthcare in Durango. She can be reached at 426-1684 or www.puravidahealthcare.com.