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‘Freedom from what exactly?’

A letter on Wednesday announced that the local GOP Lincoln Day Dinner is almost sold out. “For individual freedom” was included in the letter – the GOP often uses this phrase (Lauren Boebert, in particular, does). But freedom from what exactly?

Freedom from the fact that President Joe Biden won the 2020 election by a record number of popular votes? Freedom from any ethical standards for Justices Clarence Thomas or Samuel Alito? Freedom from some of the world’s best literature or sensible COVID-19 safety practices in schools?

Freedom from reality in Donald Trump’s baseless rantings? Freedom from common sense in inviting MAGA loudmouth Matt Gaetz to speak at a casino? The only reason Gaetz can despoil Colorado with lies and hateful venom is that he has not yet been sentenced to home confinement for sex trafficking teenage girls.

Let’s hope Moms for Liberty have their one available neuron firing well enough to keep their daughters under lock and key, while Gaetz prowls around Ignacio.

Michael Anziano