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'Get back to common sense’

In the upcoming city election, we have the opportunity to halt Next Steps, the redesign of Main Avenue, by electing the right candidates.

Gilda Yazzie opposes the redesign of downtown Durango. She understands the value of history and culture, and the attraction that our historic downtown has for tourists and locals, being named No. 1 most loved destination in the state two years in a row.

Gilda has a business degree and ran her own business, including construction projects. She understands how construction and enormous change can destroy local businesses. Mostly, she recognizes that Durango has many critical needs and that redesigning an attractive, functioning, popular Main Avenue is not one of them.

During candidate forums, only one of the five candidates, Dave Woodruff, has not voiced opposition to Next Steps. I appreciate all who oppose Next Steps, but Yazzie’s expertise is undeniable. Let’s get back to common sense ideas. Please vote for Gilda Yazzie.

Antonia Clark