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‘GOP plans no different than Iran’s Sharia law’

On Feb. 6, in Owasso, Oklahoma, a 16-year-old nonbinary, sophomore was beaten by a gang of girls in a school bathroom and died the next day. Who is to blame? The girls? Yes. The Oklahoma education superintendent Ryan Walters, who was hired as an library advisor and is a New York TikTok star, whose claim to fame is harassing trans sympathizers in schools across the country? Yes.

The Christians who forsake the Sermon on the Mount and choose to hate rather than learn about what they don’t understand? Yes. And most certainly, the manifesto published in 2023 by The Heritage Foundation’s “Mandate For Leadership: The Conservative Promise,” which places fear and hatred as the cornerstone of its platform for their next conservative presidential hopeful, Donald Trump. Promises include guidelines for smashing the rights of women, LGBT and trans people.

The handbook lists words that must be removed from every “federal rule, agency, regulation, contract, grant and all legislation that exists.” They include sexual orientation, gender identity, diversity, inclusion, gender equality, abortion, reproductive health and reproductive rights.

The words progress, expertise, cooperation are “branded hate-speech.” Let that sink in.

The GOP has transitioned into a party of extremism with plans no different than Iran’s Sharia law. Hatred and fear of others permeates this book. Its “promises” will impact us all. “Seal” the borders, not close. Restore “warfighting” in the military to attack China, not Russia.

Is this the future of our country? It can’t be! We can’t afford to lose our humanity to hatred.

Candace Richerson