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GOP promotes voter suppression

Regarding “Both political parties prone to suppression” (May 7) by Jack Turner: I’m sorry, Jack, not only are you wrong, but the example you cited to attempt to prove your point doesn’t say what you said it does. I think you’ve fallen prey to one of the things you find distasteful about the major political parties: You’re creating talking points that you’re unwilling to waver from despite the facts.

I’m not a big fan of political parties or party politics, but to any objective observer, voter suppression is overwhelmingly the domain of the Republicans, and to say otherwise is to basically be partisan – even if you’re an independent.

While there may well be some isolated instances of Democratic voter suppression, it’s not a mainstay of party strategy. Democrats don’t need to suppress voting – the more people who vote, the better they do.

As for your “example” of Democratic voter suppression – Colorado HB 19-1278 (that supposedly dictates drop box placement to favor Democrats) – I looked it up and found nothing that favors Democrats over Republicans. The placement of boxes is left up to the counties. The only requirements are about numbers of boxes based on population and a requirement to put boxes on college campuses.

Jack, I get that both the parties have made it difficult for you as an independent. But lest you fall prey to what you disdain in the major parties, you need to deal in facts and realities, not push your own brand of dogma.

Gunnar Conrad