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Gratitude for a generous act of kindness

I want to acknowledge and thank a generous, empathetic man who was standing in the checkout line at south City Market late last Saturday afternoon.

Because my Parkinson’s medication had stopped working, I was having difficulty moving. He observed me struggling and, without making a scene, he quietly invited this anxious, embarrassed woman to go ahead of him in the checkout line. When I declined, saying I would go to the end of the line, he assured me that it was OK with the person behind him. I went ahead of him, and the checker scanned my items.

When I started to pay for my groceries, the clerk said to put my money away because the gentleman behind me in line had already paid for them. After being helped to my car by a patient City Market employee, I sat and waited for my medication to take effect. I thought about what wonderful, kind people there are in our marvelous town, and how grateful I am that I live here.

Cheryle Brandsma