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Harrison Wendt ‘a pivotal change’

Harrison Wendt does not stray away from the real. Having experienced life as an Fort Lewis College student, a performing artist and community activist, Harrison is present in so many areas of Durango life – he is the only candidate I have seen at nearly every public action.

From rallying in the street with high school students for NARCAN access, to rallying momentum in the queer community and engaging neighbors of all strata, we wonder how many hours are in Harrison’s day!

It’s vital that Durango has representation from a young person with aptitude to connect across political affiliations – young passionate people must feel welcomed to get more involved with local politics. Currently, many feel that showing up at City Council is fruitless because they do not see their identity represented and do not see any movement in key areas, particularly to equitable access to opportunity for our community’s most marginalized.

Harrison understands viscerally how housing for Latine community members, students, unhoused neighbors and other working class people is inherently exclusionary. Instead of relying on someone else to change this vision, he is relentless in learning from existing and rising community leaders to ensure our elected officials are accountable to grassroots momentum.

Harrison is a pivotal change for the direction of Durango. May Harrison lead us, not only in a top 10 place for those who can pay to play, but for those who nourish our community through a diversity of cultures, languages, passions and mutual aid.

Joel Berdie