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How good is city’s recycling, really?

Congratulations Durango. The city should be proud of the efforts put forth by the community about its inability to finish the food on its plates, drive it across town for collection, then send it off by truck for composting in the far reaches of the county hinterlands.

Further, Albuquerque is in New Mexico, so sending the comingled “recyclable” waste to another state to have a percentage of the material put in their landfill is not something we have the will to recognize the irony of in the endeavor of community accolades and achievement.

I believe most want to participate in good practice when it comes to recycling, and the community citizens have demonstrated this desire by using the community recycle center and services, but it seems we must teach the teacher when the city makes an effort to “demystify” recycling through “education and outreach.” The community has spent tens of thousands of dollars trying to figure out how to improve diversion rates and recycling practices all while incorporating local development codes effectively prohibiting any sound and efficient means to achieve a recycling rate to be proud of by effectively not allowing any recycling to take place in the community other than the yogurt tubs and empty Ska beer bottles it receives.

Please consider the car you drive, the appliances in your home, the bike you ride, the snowplow that clears your streets, and the water lines and wires and pipes you get the benefit from as recyclable.

Greg Fulks