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I support these three 9-R school board candidates

One of the critical challenges in beginning this school year was the vital importance of getting our students back into the classroom safely in the midst of a pandemic. With the delta variant surging, the 9-R school board made the unanimous decision to follow the science and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidance by requiring masks in our schools to keep our students, teachers and staff members safe so in-person learning could occur.

We have all read how difficult it was for many students to make progress remotely and how critical it is for our children to return to on-site learning in the classroom.

Two of the board members who made this responsible decision, Andrea Parmenter and Erika Brown, are running for re-election, and I hope you will join me in supporting them. Both are well-qualified in terms of background, experience and education, and both have children in our Durango schools.

Andrea has a degree in geology with minors in chemistry, environmental science and Spanish, plus a master’s in Earth science. She has an extensive background in research and program management. Erika has a degree in biology and a graduate degree focusing on environmental policy and communication. She has worked as a communications manager and environmental advocate. Both have the knowledge and experience to make our schools even better for our students, staff members, teachers and the community.

I am also supporting Rick Petersen, a Scout leader and strong advocate for our community youths. I hope you will vote for these outstanding candidates.

Karen Pontius