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‘If Limbaugh, Jones had an offspring’

Finally, many middle-of-the-road and principled conservatives are beginning to see what an utter buffoon Tucker Carlson is. If Rush Limbaugh and Alex Jones had an offspring, it would look, talk and act like Tucker.

His latest Jan. 6 video stunt, abetted by Kevin McCarthy, is pure dishonesty designed – as with all his worthless and cynical lies – to incite the basest instincts of the lowest common denominator of bigots, conspiracy wackos and haters, and to drive divisive wedges into the fracture lines of our fragile democratic society.

People thought Hillary Clinton’s descriptor of “deplorable” in regard to such people and tactics was elitist, effete and condescending. Turns out, it’s probably the most polite thing that could be said about Carlson and his ilk in a family newspaper.

Robert N. Kimmick