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‘I’m smarter than Don’

Donald Trump’s rallies appear to be popular with empty bobbleheads, bobbing with approval for some really stupid things and certifiable untruths coming directly from Trump’s pie hole.

I need a president smarter than me. Before the first dance at my inaugural ball, I’d have to bone up with books about being a competent president. Or maybe peruse “Governing for Dummies.

Don didn’t need to study for the job. Don knows more than anyone. Just ask Don.

Truth is, I’m smarter than Don so I can’t vote for him. Won’t pay for his legal fees or jet fuel. Can’t be another sucked into his lies, and won’t drink the poison Kool-Aid to kill democracy as we know it. I’m just another “vermin,” not smart enough to be president and not stupid enough to be a bobblehead for Trump.

Now, let’s all rise for the national anthem, sung by the MAGA hostage choir, incarcerated for criminal stupidity. “Stupid is as stupid does.” (Forrest Gump)

Keith Riker