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Inflation, high prices? ‘Corporate greed’

Why does Durango and La Plata County have the highest gas prices in the state? I filled up in Farmington a week ago for $3.09 per gallon.

We just traveled the state and paid $2.98 in Denver, then paid $3.07 in Delta just yesterday. It was about $3.15 in Montrose and even tiny Ridgway was cheaper than here.

There is no reason prices here should be this high except for corporate and station owner greed. Because all the stations are about the same price, it’s not like we can shop around, except to drive 100 miles roundtrip to Farmington.

This is what happens when there is a monopoly on where we can do business.

If you want to know why inflation and high prices are continuing to hurt us, look at the corporate greed. It’s not any one politician or political party that is causing it, although neither party is doing much to stop it. It’s monopolistic corporations, hedge funds and private equity groups that are determined to squeeze every last penny they can out of the public – us.

Let your representatives know we want something done to rein in this greed.

My theory is that the anger and frustration most of us feel about things like high prices that we can’t control adds much to the general anger and discontent that is pervasive in our society now.

Barry Goldberg