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Infrastructure bill helps all Americans

Rep. Lauren Boebert is hopping mad at the Republicans who voted for the infrastructure bill.

I would like to think that we could agree that roads and bridges need be maintained for the safety of all citizens. What’s wrong with broadband internet being extended to rural parts of the states. Mostly farmers and ranchers, who usually vote Republican, need broadband for their children and for checking on the price of commodities.

The bill could called social infrastructure because it would allow for medical leave for those who need to take care of a sick loved one. What’s wrong with that? Invariably someone knows someone who is taking care of sick loved one. Why would people not want cheaper prescription prices? Not every woman who works is a Democrat. Everyone working needs child care!

How many times did the ex-president say it was infrastructure week? The former president also issued an executive order on prescriptions. What did the executive order do? Nothing? Are you trying to undermine the country because you want the country to fail so Democrats won’t be re-elected? What happened to love of country? Common sense? Why do you promote a wannabe king?

The United States fought a king for its freedom! Promotion of a king would destroy the U.S. Constitution and democracy! Explain why you’re working so hard to negate voters voices! You owe the country an explanation!

Robert Nunez

Omaha, Nebraska