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Inverted-U bike racks way to go

The recent article in The Durango Herald on soaring bicycle thefts in Durango mentions bike racks only in passing. Bike theft is largely a crime of opportunity. Strong bike locks such a Kryptonite, an inverted-U bike rack and placement of the rack near a business entrance go a long way toward deterring such crimes of opportunity.

For decades, Durango businesses have relied on old-style schoolyard bike racks, the wave rack or trees for locking bikes. The inverted-U rack is the only design that secures frame and both wheels. Daybreak Rotary has a community service program where if you buy an inverted-U rack, we will install it for free. We have installed dozens of them around town.

That said, residents and employees need to tell businesses that they need to upgrade their racks or add them if they don’t have them. For more information, e-mail RotaryRacks@bike-durango.org.

Hunter McCleary