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Is D&SNG putting profits before people?

It has occurred to me that in this country, big business still has the financial resources to do whatever they want to make a profit.

In a previous letter, I objected to D&SNG Railroad overtaking the community of Rockwood. At no time have I, or has anyone from Rockwood, stated the railroad needs to go away completely from the Durango community.

Rockwood asks the D&SNG to make their increased profits in a way that does not compromise Rockwood residents’ safety and quality of life.

I am reminded of the class-action lawsuit about the contamination of Hinkley, California, by Pacific Gas and Electric Co., which PG&E settled for $333 million in 1996. Many lives were lost before PG&E was forced to settle in the courts.

Is it going to take lives lost at the intersection of U.S. Highway 550 and County Road 200, another fire, or a life lost on the narrow County Road 200 before big business is confronted? With its large financial resources, the D&SNG has tied up in the courts the litigation regarding the 416 Fire from 2018. Does the railroad plan to use its financial resources to force this situation into the courts also?

The Rockwood dilemma with D&SNG seems another example of big business making a profit at any cost to others. When will the county make a fair decision? When will D&SNG put others before its own selfish profits?

Jessica Cox