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Jan. 6 comparisons were preposterous

While I agree with Dick White (Herald, editorial, Jan. 7) that the Jan. 6, 2021, riots were a stain on our democracy, his comparison to the Sept. 11 attacks, Pearl Harbor and the killing of JFK are ludicrous.

Mr. White’s reference to the fact that there was no proof of election tampering is interesting in as much as progressives are calling to eliminate the filibuster in order to pass a national election law. I would also remind Mr. White that a number of Democrats refused to accept the 2000 election results, and Hillary Clinton is still saying that Putin stole the election from her in 2016.

Like most progressives, Mr. White refuses to acknowledge the loss of life, destruction of minority-owned businesses and attacks on municipal and federal buildings during the “summer of love” riots in Los Angeles, Portland, Seattle, Minneapolis and other cities run by Democrat mayors. Where were his editorials and letters to the editor calling out Antifa and Black Lives Matter?

Again, I agree that the Jan. 6 riots can never be forgotten.

Dennis Pierce