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Kids hit the track running in youth meet

More than 100 elementary and middle school athletes participate
Myles Bowman and Kenji Holland get ready to blast out of the blocks during the Durango High School track camp's meet on Friday, June 10. (Courtesy Darlene Tanisawa)

The Durango High School track and field camp concluded Friday with a meet, giving the kids an opportunity to put the skills they learned throughout the week to the test and clock some official times.

Roughly 120 kids in first through ninth grade participated in the camp, and about 100 of them took part in the meet.

DHS head coach Johnny Bertrand said the boys 100-meter dash was one of the fastest races. Dane Matlock crossed first in 12.96 seconds, followed by Nathaniel Evans (13.60), Torin Seale (13.63) and Ben Lively (13.89).

Arrow Nachtrieb competed in the pole vault for the first time was able to clear 6 feet to win the event.

Three girls cleared 4 feet, 4 inches in the high jump, led by Molly Bertrand, who cleared it on her first attempt to take first.

Caden Voss, meanwhile, ran the 800 in 2:39.17 to win the event.

Youth athletes compete on the pole vault during Durango High School track camp last Friday. Roughly 100 kids participated in the meet. (Courtesy)

The camp began seven years ago, with two elementary students and about 10 middle school kids taking part. The camp, which is a fundraiser for the high school team, has taken off since then.

“I had a lot of great help from the other coaches on the coaching staff as well as some of our amazing athletes,” Bertrand said. “They worked with the kids all week, taught them, laughed with them and bonded with them. Then they helped make the meet run as smooth as it could.”

The camp also featured a word of the day everyday, including: gratitude, integrity, teamwork and sportsmanship. “Each word came with a discussion on how it works at home and while playing sports,” Bertrand said.

Top four results, plus top elementary athlete:

*elementary athletes

Girls 50-meter dash
1. Quinlyn Kosnik8.45
2. Ava McKown8.52
3. Frankie Golbricht8.55
4. Ansley Webb*8.71
5. Sophia Albosta8.76
Girls 100
1. Gracie Fitzpatrick14.38
2. Hana Maletich-Marquez15.11
3. Juliana McKown15.42
4. Riley Smith15.51
5. Ansley Webb*16.90
Girls 50-meter hurdles
1. Jia Li Turgeon*10.41
2. Callie Zaremba*10.56
3. Ansley Webb*10.58
4. Avah Jordan* 10.72
5. Claire Talley*11.09
Girls 100-meter hurdles
1. Jasmine DeBoer21.01
2. Sophia Albosta21.18
3. Ava Dixon 21.48
Girls high jump
1. Molly Bertrand4-04
2. C.B. 4-04
3. Gracie Fitzpatrick4-04
4. Lauren Russel*4-02
5. Emily Rapiejko*4-02
Girls 200
1. Gracie Fitzpatrick30.68
2. Riley Smith 32.21
3. Teagan Frausto32.27
4. Frankie Golbricht34.67
7. Avery Matlock*36.36
Girls 400
1. Trixie Verrija1:14.41
2. Callie Zaremba*1:17.84
3. Ingrid Jergensen1:25.86
4. McKenzie Albright1:31.21
Girls pole vault
1. Arrow Nachtrieb6-00
2. Hana Maletich-Marquez5-06
3. Josephine Phare4-09
Girls long jump
1. Hana Maletich-Marquez13-06
2. Juliann Avila12-10
3. Teagan Frausto11-10
4. Jasmine DeBoer11-07
15. Ava Jordan*9-06
Girls shot put
1. Ashley Bertrand25-03
2. Penelope Goessel*25-00
3. Aiko Holland*25-00
4. Riley Smith22-09
5. Zoe Testa*20-09
Boys 50-meter dash
1. Dane Matlock7.32
2. Nathaniel Evans7.68
3. Benjammin Lively7.69
4. Levi Dodd8.22
6. Colton Winn8.99
Boys 100
1. Dane Matlock12.96
2. Nathaniel Evans13.60
3. Torin Seale13.63
4. Benjammin Lively13.89
7. Shawn Espeland17.89
Boys 200
1. Dane Matlock26.52
2. Carson Marquez26.56
3. Miles Jordan32.66
4. Gavin Dougharty33.60
5. Drew Garncarz34.35
Boys 400
1. Carson Marquez1:06.38
2. Boaz Zastrocky1:09.22
3. Caden Voss1:09.39
4. Jude Sieger1:21.40
6. Brock Waddell1:30.36
Boys 50-meter hurdles
1. Sawyer Sigle*10.95
2. Brock Waddell*11.00
3. Peter Strength*11.24
4. Cole Ireland*11.49
5. Cody Espeland*12.04
Boys 100-meter hurdles
1. Owen Cheatham15.89
2. Dane Matlock16.03
3. Boaz Zastrocky17.09
4. Miles Jordan18.87
5. Johan Souders19.29
Boys high jump
1. Boaz Zastrocky4-06
2. Blaine Cheatham4-04
3. Evan Wilczek*4-02
3. Owen Schuldt*4-02
3. Oscar Gearing4-02
Boys pole vault
1. Owen Cheatham7-00
2. Price Bryant5-06
3. Graham Webb5-00
4. Logan Fish4-09
Boys long jump
1. Orin Seale13-10
2. Benjammin Lively13-09
3. Carson Marquez13-00
4. Nathaniel Evans11-06
5. Soren VanWinkle*11-04
Boys shot put
1. Owen Cheatham30-03
2. Myles Bowman*17-05
3. Evan Wilczek*15-07
4. Logan Shauinger15-02
5. Sawyer Sigle*13-11
Mixed 800
1. Caden Voss2:39.17
2. Johan Souders2:46.25
3. Gunner Dorko*2:50.56
4. Eric Strength2:54.58
5. Isaak Mora2:54.68
Mixed 4x100 relay
1. Price Bryant, Carson Marquez, Boaz Zastrocky and Graham Webb55.15
2. Ben Lively, Levi Dodd, Isaak Mora and Owen Cheatham57.68
3. Miles Jordan, Ezekial Lyons, Jude Sieger and Torin Seale58.42
4. Gavin Dougharty, Abigail Barstatis, Gracie Fitzpatrick and Riley Smith1:00.63
12. Ansley Webb, Avah Jordan, Audrey Matlock and Callie Zaremba1:07.30