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‘Know complex issues’

Clyde Church

I was honored to be elected commissioner four years ago, my first political office. I am engaged in the hard work needed to improve the lives, health and safety of our residents.

I have explored every part of our county. I've met with residents in all our communities, and listened to their complaints, concerns and suggestions. I have helped solve issues as we continuously improve the Land Use Code.

Times have been tough for many because of COVID-19, the health care crisis and recession it caused. I will continue to be accessible and work with transparency with residents, businesses and organizations, pulling people together to work on problems and crafting practical solutions.

Going forward, my top priorities include:

* Establishing affordable workforce housing

* Building the middle and last mile for broadband connectivity

* Continuing fire mitigation and advocating for home hardening

* Increasing our economic growth and diversity

Using the resources of Region 9, the La Plata Economic Development Alliance, the La Plata County Regional Housing Authority and other nonprofits, we will fund the expansion of affordable workforce housing and create new options.

Through the active broadband regional task force, we will fund and coordinate with Colorado Department of Transportation and Region 9 to install fiber and carrier-neutral hubs in rural areas.

La Plata County participates in the Colorado Strategic Wildfire Action Program and established the Wildfire and Watershed Protection Fund to finance mitigation projects through grants. I will continue to ensure we protect our homes, natural resources, businesses, cultural and recreational gems, which are essential for a stable economy and a safe community.

I know La Plata County, my chosen community, and the complex issues we face now and in the future. I work with commissioners in other counties to learn from their successes and failures so we can avoid mistakes and solve problems.

Being a commissioner is a complex, full-time job that requires serious research, spending hours in meetings, listening to residents' concerns and answering their questions day and night.

I'm up to the challenge of providing a brighter future for La Plata County.

If re-elected, I will:

* Continue working to carefully invest the American Rescue Plan funds to meet needs and serve us in the future

* Help design creative, effective, affordable solutions to our economic and housing challenges

* Continue to help state and national policymakers understand and support the needs of rural counties

* Use all resources our county can gather to make wise decisions.

Democrat Clyde Church is La Plata County District 1 commissioner.