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Lack of information about candidates a concern

Regarding the current Durango school board election, it appears to be extremely acrimonious and rife with disinformation, misinformation and/or lack of information regarding the three candidates running as a slate: Kristine Paslay, Richard “Dean” Hill and Donna Gulec.

In reading their stands on educating 9-R children, they sound reassuring and nonpartisan. However, if information I’m reading in letters opposing their election is true, yikes! No mask mandates? Disbelief in the efficacy of vaccinations? Banning or censoring teaching and textbooks related to critical race theory?

Given the importance of this election, what’s the possibility of 9-R or the League of Women Voters hosting an open forum where all the candidates can be asked questions that will let us voters understand where they stand on important issues? It’s not too late.

Sandra Francik