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Lager, spirits and loose wrists secret to keg cap frisbee’eth golf

There was no shortage of competitors at the rooftop event as Snowdown 2023 gathered steam
Shannon Cox of Durango tosses her way into a tie for first place midway through the Keg Cap Frisbee Golf competition at Balcony Bar & Grill at Snowdown 2023. (Garret Jaros/Durango Herald)
Feb 1, 2023
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Feb 1, 2023
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Ladies in wait, wenches and men in tights fueled-up for the historically questionable Shakespearean pastime of Keg Cap Frisbee Golf by imbibing copious quantities of lager and spirits in preparation to compete Wednesday at the Balcony Bar & Grill.

“I came to win,” Shannon Cox decried as she tossed keg caps into an assortment of buckets centered around a single cornhole board.

The crowd of bards, Templars and bustier-boosted maidens showed no signs of intimidation as they continued to sign the participant parchment well into the competition. The goal – toss 25 keg caps into the buckets or cornhole – all of which were assigned a different point value.

“You can probably figure Ryan MC is going to win the whole thing,” Ryan MC said. “I was last year’s champ. Mini-frisbees are my thing. There were way fewer people last year, but these people suck.”

With lips equally as flexible as his wrists, MC kept up a running play-by-play as competitors stepped to the line, several feet from their targets, and let fly with flicks and tosses.

Last year’s defending Keg Cap Frisbee Golf champion Ryan MC falls short this year despite pacing himself by drinking PBR. (Garret Jaros/Durango Herald)

The road to victory is paved with PBR, MC explained in between calling the play.

“It’s the Wheaties of keg Frisbee toss,” he said. “It keeps the alcohol level low so you can persist throughout Snowdown. You can’t dive too early into shots or IPAs – that’s disaster.”

Cox showed she was more than talk as she tied the leader board midway through the competition.

“It’s just a flick of the wrist and a little vodka,” she confided.

But when the last lid was tossed it was neither Cox nor MC whose game foamed to the top of the keg lid competition.

“MC didn’t defend the title, that’s all you need to write,” MC said en route to the bar.

Andrew Thornton took’eth first prize – which was a T-shirt and a beanie. Kelly (owner of Oscar’s) secured second place, and Jacob Cowham capped off the leader board with third place.


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