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Lake Nighthorse should be shared by all users

In the “Lake Nighthorse” editorial (Herald, Nov. 19), interesting how Jim Cross has appointed himself our collective spokesman. He continues to use his platform to push his personal agenda.

Let’s start with the survey stating 68% of the users at Lake Nighthorse want more wakeless hours. If we did a survey at Purgatory Resort asking if snowboards should be excluded, because the majority of people ski, I am confident the results would be, yes limit snowboarders, shorter lift lines for the skiers.

Survey the golfers at Hillcrest: “Should we not allow women to golf?” Because the majority of golfers are men, the results would say yes, more tee times for the majority. Fortunately, we do not operate like this.

Lake Nighthorse is an awesome resource for our community, to be shared by all user groups. Parks and Recreation has done a great job managing it. It is untrue that the city has ignored the wakeless crowd. Last year, Parks and Recreation held an extensive study session with the public and implemented many of the suggestions from that session, including increasing the wakeless zone.

Free advice Mr. Cross, your 10-year obsession with exclusion is not healthy for you. This topic has been explored and resolved, time to let it go. May I suggest another hobby? Mountain biking is great for cardio. But beware you may encounter hikers and dog walkers, then you would need to use your platform to exclude them.

John Folk