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Let's all swap our stuff on Yard Sale Day

Saturday is the big day here in Bayfield. No, it's not the 4th of July yet, it's Yard Sale Day.

Either you're a bargain hunter out to find a forgotten Picasso, or a neat freak who wants to sell those boxes of stuff you've been collecting all year.

Or some people head out of town and ignore it.

I can understand all of the above points of view. I'm not a neat freak, but I should be selling my junk, not collecting more.

Working in the newspaper office, we get all kinds of calls about yard sale day.

I know the staff at Bayfield Town Hall gets a ton of calls too, so I would like to thank them for helping us get the word out on this annual event. It's organized by the Bayfield Chamber of Commerce.

A lady stopped in the office Wednesday wanting to make sure her sale was on the map. I asked her address, went back to check, and told her yes, we had it on the map.

"What about the rain on Saturday?" she asked.

Well, I said, I can't do much about that, I'm just getting the map published in the newspaper.

Then of course, some last-minute people called on Thursday wanting to be on the map.

"Sorry," Carole and I had to explain. "It's already done and gone to press."

So folks asked what they should do now.

Put out a box or sign with SALE on it and throw on a couple of balloons, and you're good to go.

I do have some advice. If you think you're going to get rich selling your awesome treasures on Yard Sale Day, you might want to rethink that. People are looking for bargains, not expensive stuff. One pretty hard-core yard sale friend of mine said she thinks there are just too many sales going on in the area for people to check them all out.

But if you're looking to furnish a house for cheap, or find baby stuff, this is your lucky day!

I think I have a good idea. What if I take all my junk and go throw it in a friend's yard, and she throws hers in mine? Then I could keep a few things, donate the rest of the good stuff to the thrift store and throw away the rest. We could do this all over town without the work of actually selling our stuff.

Just an idea.

If you're visiting today, we hope you like Bayfield, Ignacio and Vallecito and will return again to our area for another visit. Our local restaurants, shops, and gas stations appreciate your business.

Have fun, and happy selling or happy hunting!

Thanks for reading.