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Letter: Durango Mesa Park will enhance business, town as a whole

I am writing to express my full and complete support for the newly proposed bicycle/multiuse facility to be located at Ewing Mesa, now

Durango Mesa Park.

</URL>I was fortunate to see a copy of the plans for the use of the property and was impressed by the forethought and planning that has gone into creating not only a wonderful venue for locals, but also attractive enough to draw from outside Durango and La Plata County.

This property without a doubt would bring additional local, regional, national and international events to our community. The exposure would also enable Durango to showcase our wonderful community. The potential economic impact would show nothing but upside, thus enhancing our tourism, retail and dining industries and providing additional tax revenue bringing much needed relief to our already impacted economy. Not often does a community get a gift of land and assistance to help develop a property, especially to a world-class level.

This unique opportunity may never be available to our community again, and I strongly support and urge City Council, County Commission and the Durango/La Plata County community to support plans for Durango Mesa Park.

Richard O’BlockDurango