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Letter gave dangerous disinformation about vaccine

Our community recently had a child, who may not have been vaccinated, die due to COVID-19. What a very sad story and our hearts continue to go out to her family, friends and teachers. Yet the Herald prints a letter (Richard Podlesnik, Dec. 30) that argues against a vaccine that could save a child’s life. Podlesnik cites Robert F. Kennedy, who has long been considered an “anti-vaxxer.” The overwhelming majority of pediatric medical experts have uniformly considered Kennedy and his group to be purveyors of dangerous medical disinformation particularly harmful to children.

Children’s lives are literally at risk and they cannot decide on their own to get vaccinated. There are not two sides to the COVID-19 vaccine story. There is only one responsible side, bolstered by sound science and actual medical evidence. We are entering 2022, and I implore the Herald to do better for the health of our community.

Leah Karotkin