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Letters: Beware white nationalist internet hoaxes

Like many small towns across this bloodied, occupied, stolen land, many predominantly white folks in Southwest Colorado have fallen victim to an online hoax by the white nationalist group Identity Evropa, which set up a fake antifa account and made a post threatening invasion of white suburbs by hoards of fictitious antifa super-soldiers.

Threats of violence aimed at protesters began to appear on social media and men wielding firearms intimidated a protest organized by high school students in Pagosa Springs.

Such misinformation and hysteria is irresponsible and dangerous. An interracial couple from Spokane who was on a camping trip in western Washington was barricaded in their campsite and threatened by armed rural residents who believed them to be part of the supposed antifa invasion.

It’s only a matter of time before these modern-day brown shirts kill someone. It is up to us, particularly white people of conscience, to put a stop to such behavior. Silence is violence.

Nathan CoeDurango