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Letters: Keep climate change denial to yourself

I have to respond to Mike Sigman’s letter and accusation of indoctrination on climate change (“

Denial of climate change has been a PR stunt perpetrated by the fossil fuel industry. Fracking may be an efficient way to retrieve oil and natural gas, but that process requires the acquisition of local water supplies in desperate need by our local farms and ranches. Millions of gallons of water are needed for fracking. Fracking is efficient at the expense of local environmental dynamics.

Now as a realist, I also know it will be decades before we can replace fossil fuels in commercial and military aircraft and ships, as well as those massive cargo vessels plying the oceans with consumer goods. At 76, I know I will not live to see the day when fossil fuels disappear altogether. But I feel more than a trifle confident of the end of fossil fuels because of the irrefutable existence of climate change.

Thus it is important to provide these facts to the young people who will determine the future of our nation, and the planet. To disavow the existence of climate change, and to insist on removing student access to this objective truth, is insulting the intelligence of our children. Mike, believe what you will, but keep it to yourself for the sake of the children and the world they will rule in our absence.

Dave OhmanDurango