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Letters: Porter-Norton not well served by Herald

I am very honored to support Marsha Porter-Norton for county commissioner. She is the forward-thinking and clear choice we need now. In a

The reporter left out that she has headed her own consulting business for 20 years. She facilitates, leads and mediates meetings about controversial, tough community issues. Her platform is simple: Do the most good for the most county residents through placing affordable housing and growing good jobs and recovery from COVID-19, health-wise and economy-wise.

She wants a land use code that is easier to use and more customer friendly, and one that protects the values we love about living here. She wants to see more preparation around wildfires and think that taking care of our county roads is vitally important for the future. Renewable energy is a focus for her especially related to how we can create local jobs and local electricity.

With two candidates, our local media will serve us better by offering accurate portrayals of all candidates’ experiences.

I am proud to support Marsha because she has experience in both the nonprofit and private sectors. Her steady, known and collaborative leadership is what we need now.

Pat SenecalDurango