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Letters: The right wing adores an egotistical liar

I read a letter to the editor that continues haunting my thoughts (“

Jeff Bleecker begins his letter on a humorous note, “We have a national outbreak of leftism sweeping our country.” Don’t I wish.

Then it quickly turns ugly, claiming we “threaten to kill our democracy and way of life.” Funny that “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness” is about as leftist as it gets! America’s Founders were children of the intellectual enlightenment, they believed in evidence over personal fancy and dogma. God was beyond their understanding and they believed in Providence. They trusted the scientific approach to better understanding, based on honestly assessing and debating the facts. All that is tremendously “leftist” and liberal, the stuff of American greatness and patriotism!

Jeff then describes liberals in fanciful extremes that were pure hysterical flailing. It left me wondering why such desperation to create extreme delusions and fabricate mortal enemies?

We are Americans, we need each other to keep ourselves honest. United we stand, divided we fall. We are entering a difficult period in human existence. But what does the right wing have to show for themselves? Adoration of a president who lies incessantly, hates reading and learning, refuses to imagine he’s capable of mistakes, and hates experts. Salving his ego and receiving adulation are his mind’s only priorities.

This fabricated fanciful right-wing hatred and fear of the left can only lead to self-destruction for USA. We need each other to get through this.

Peter MieslerHesperus