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‘Lies, misdirection and more lies’

As a longtime political observer and participant in our electoral process, I can say, without a doubt, we've lost our way.

“It's gonna be a tight race.” “The polls show Republicans, within the margin of error, to take seats in the House and Senate.” If the House goes to the GOP, there will be much needed, nonstop investigations of President Joe Biden and all his criminal activity.

Speaker Kevin McCarthy will put the end to the “witch hunt” of the Jan. 6 committee and focus on the real tyrant, cheat and drug addicted scourge on America, Hunter Biden. Some Donald Trump election denier is poised to take the office of Arizona governor.

In Southwest Colorado, we're represented in Congress by a Trump election denier who routinely votes against her district but tells her adoring peeps she'll be sure to keep men, posing as women, from competing in sports, to make schools no-woke zones and to keep everyone well-armed.

The goal of the GOP is to make sure the settled law of Roe v. Wade will never be resurrected. The “guys” who flank Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell at his podium will never relinquish control of the “women parts.”

The leader of the GOP? Oh, that's Trump. He's the guy who said, on Day One, he had more people at his inauguration than Barack Obama and on his last day said his vice president could make him president again!

Lies, misdirection and more lies. That's the GOP today.

Keith Riker