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Lindell remark ‘badge of honor’

Wow, that was quite the article on Aug. 1 on Mike Lindell, whipping up more lies about elections. He is one of those that acts as if you tell a big enough lie, loud enough and repeat it often enough, some will believe it and follow you. Often just out of the emotions of victimhood.

It is actually a badge of honor that he accused Colorado of being the most corrupt state regarding elections and singled out Secretary of State Jena Griswold for his ire. I guess this means Colorado has the most integrity and Griswold leads the way in keeping our state at the forefront of safe and accurate elections. I guess Lindell represents the Republican’s deep fear that if elections were straight, they would lose most of the time. So the GOP decided to take the dark-side path to breaking what works, to lying about it, and sowing fear, discord and distrust everywhere they go.

Lying about what is actually so and gaslighting others so that they cannot discern what is true and what is false – is evil. It destroys the common good, wrecks families, erodes our infrastructure, drains energy and resources that are needed to make a better future, and lodges people in the craw of fantasy rage and scapegoating. It is unAmerican and unChristian and pro-death at all turns. Let us all see the lies for what they actually are: desperate cheating, dishonorable and malevolent.

Steve Self