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‘Little thought to our water supplies’

At the risk of repeating myself, the seemingly unregulated residential developments paving over local farms and ranches will put unnecessary stress on our water supplies. Sure, we’ve had several days of snowfall with ski area operators enjoying happy feet. But the Western Slope’s drought is not over by a long shot. Imagine buying a $500K home and wondering why there’s no water available.

To this point, The New York Times reported that the community of Rio Verde, Arizona, a development bordering Scottsdale, has been cut off from its water supply by Scottsdale itself, and all because of its own water shortages. Thus, about 700 homes – roughly 1,000 people – will have to buy water from other suppliers at painfully higher prices.

If that sounds like a problem unique to parched, Sahara-hot Arizona, it is all too plausible a problem for Durango. Allowing for unrestricted home development by our planning department – with little if any thought to our water supplies – is completely irresponsible.

David Ohman