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Look for a CBD company (like ours)

Do you know where your CBD comes from?

With all of the buzz around CBD lately, you should!

The popularity and incredible growth of cannabidiol products, or CBD, is in a market that few knew about only a couple of years ago but is set to explode beyond belief in the next couple of years. By one estimate, CBD will be a $22 billion market by 2022, outpacing even the legal cannabis market.

When looking for a CBD product, look for a company like ours, Glo CBD. We knew there was a lack of regulations in the market, so we created a different product, chewable CBD, using FDA regulations for over-the-counter pharmaceuticals. This is important because a lot of time is spent on multiple tests, cleaning of the facility and other safety measures to ensure that consumers are getting the best product possible.

Those who are looking to use CBD should look for a company that is transparent. They should, at a minimum, post the test results of their product on their website, have a phone number or email address (preferably both) that gets answered, and puts a lot number on each product to match back to the production facility. If your CBD company doesn’t have at least those three things, you should look elsewhere.

CBD is supposed to help our health. Make sure you find a company that’s as invested in your health as you.

Matt Kennicott