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Look into Sen. Coram’s background

Having been redistricted out of office, Sen. Don Coram, R-Montrose, touting his ability to “reach across the aisle,” has announced his intention to oppose Rep. Lauren Boebert in the 3rd Congressional District. Strangely, he has chosen to forgo the grassroots caucus process, opting instead to try to buy his way onto the primary ballot, disrespecting his hometown voters. Why spend $40,000 or more for contract petition gathers to entice the unwary voter to sign his petition “just to get him on the ballot”? The simple answer is he doesn’t have the support of his own party in Montrose that knows him best!

Before being cajoled into signing his petition, voters should take a few moments to educate themselves and do their own background check on Coram. Check out corruptcoram.com to see the timeline of how he used his Senate seat to change our hemp laws, then invested in the hemp business. A gross conflict of interest? You decide.

You might also check justfacts.votesmart.org to view his voting record and ratings on multiple issues, where he is listed as 63% liberal and only 38% conservative.

If his local party doesn’t support him in his quest, why should you even consider it?

Dee Laird