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LPEA board oversteps mission

In response to the letter from Kathleen Adams (May 7, “Vote Ted Compton for LPEA Board): In all fairness to Ted Compton, why is he focused on breaking the contract with Tri-State Generation, at great cost to the co-op membership, as Adams insists, rather than a more admirable goal of providing reliable, affordable electricity to the LPEA members?

Adams suggests that Tri-State Generation only provides electricity, at a fair market price, while pumping out pollution by the bucketful. Nothing could be further from the truth. Tri-States’ goal of obtaining 50% of its energy from clean and renewable sources will be met or exceeded by 2024.

They will also reduce energy rates by 8% in less than two years. LPEA will not meet these impressive goals without Tri-State Generation. In the meantime, the board will be spending a few more tens of thousands trying to get out of a contract without taking a single vote from their members indicating if they even want out of the contract. This is the "bottom line" as Adams says.

The LPEA board has overstepped its mission and has done so for some time. Adams doesn't suggest what "high paying" local jobs La Plata County will be blessed with as a result of electing Ted Compton the the LPEA board, but I suggest that is not part of the job description. It is rather to provide reliable, affordable electricity to the members of the co-op, simple as that.

Jackie O’Karma