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LPEA needs strength, reliability

I am running for the LPEA Board of Directors in District 2 because I believe affordable electricity should be available to all.

In 1979 I moved to Durango to start my business. I started, then owned and operated Kohler's Printing and Copying for 31 years. I sold the business a little over four years ago and currently manage three investment companies from my home. The experience, challenges, and ultimately the successes I achieved, (working with my employees, vendors, associations and clients), gives me the qualifications to represent the members of LPEA as a director on the board.

LPEA is a business and I feel it should be run as a business. My approach as a director would be the same as it is for my businesses, to work on the big picture, have objectivity for all the "parts of the complete puzzle" and put in place a strategic direction for LPEA to provide affordable, quality and reliable electricity for its members.

Does this mean I would micro-manage LPEA? NO.

LPEA is fortunate to have a qualified CEO and the board should give him the tools needed to perform his duties, provide direction and guidance, give him room to do his job, and hold him accountable (just as the members should hold the directors accountable).

The duties for being a director are clearly stated in the by-laws and I would adhere to them. LPEA is a unique business in that it affects each and every individual in its service area.

As a director I would work hard with the board, staff, members, and associated organizations to make sound decisions while keeping LPEA financially strong, reliable, transparent and accountable to its members. I am asking you (members of District 2) for your vote and the privilege to serve as one of your directors.

Kohler McInnis

District 2 candidate, LPEA